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By Altrad’s UK Communications Team

Paudie Somers took over the role as CEO of Altrad UK and the Nordics business in May this year.

Q. You’ve been Altrad UK and Nordics CEO now for three months, how are things going?

“Very well, I have been very lucky that I have inherited a great team who have made me very welcome – I have been with the group for quite a long time and had lots of existing relationships, but the step up is always a challenge and I am very pleased with where we are. The great history that surrounds the Altrad business’ in the UK and Nordics means it is a great privilege for me to be given this role”

Q. What do you see the biggest challenges that both the UK and Nordics business face?

“HSE remains our primary focus and sets the standard by which we conduct our business, so this remains our absolute priority.

“This last year has seen the market fragment in part as desperation appears to have crept into some of the competition which simply cannot be sustainable for them or the customer – our focus is to be true to ourselves and our customers, and not compromise in any areas that could ultimately damage performance and delivery. We have worked hard to be the market leader, and naturally, you then become the prime target for the competition, so discipline in not joining the “race to the bottom” has been important. Notwithstanding this, we have no divine right, and we must continue to work hard and smart to meet our customers’ and partners’ challenges, and share and support some of their risks”

Q. What are the benefits of the combined UK and Nordics business?

“I see great opportunity in the transfer of best practice and shared learning. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise certainly within our collective Offshore business and in particular also the development of some of the Specialist Services and niche offerings with some great cross selling potential, this linked to the wider Altrad group brings huge opportunity.”

Q. Finally, rumor has it you are a big Liverpool fan, how do you think they will fair this year?

“Yes, I am a Liverpool fan, as is my son. Last year was bittersweet for all Liverpool fans – a big disappointment followed by a huge high, they have a great team who work hard for each other and a great manager that I suspect every other team secretly coverts – the way he conducts himself is exemplary – there are a lot of lessons to be learned and parallels that can be drawn in business in terms of how you treat and motivate people versus performance – let’s hope the Reds can go one better this year domestically, but I would take the European Cup again this year!”

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