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Above: image taken during a rope rescue training exercise

In March 2021, Altrad’s team located at the ConocoPhillips facility in Teesside, received a call at 07:30 – that a crew member on a vessel docked at jetty 8 – had suffered a stroke.

A rescue team consisting of Altrad’s Leigh Reed, Andy Moss and John McGuigan were deployed to the scene. A rescue plan was developed to move the casualty safely from the deck of the ship, using a rope rescue system. During the period, details of the casualty’s current condition were obtained and relayed to the ambulance crew prior to their arrival.

Upon arrival, the ambulance crew administered drugs to the casualty. Once his condition had stabilised, he was raised from the deck to the jetty head and then taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Capt. Juneros I. Sabarez, Master of LPG/C Eco Invictus, said “On behalf of Eco Invictus, I would like to thank the brave men and women who responded in a timely manner during the crisis the vessel encountered. Your professionalism and dedication to save the life of a crew member, without a second thought, is remarkable to us.”

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