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February 2021 marks an exciting milestone for Altrad, as they launch their new Altrad 2026 strategy – ‘It all begins with a desire to create a better tomorrow’ throughout their UK & Ireland business.

In today’s global, digitally connected market, sector convergence sets industries and organisations on a collision course – revealing both opportunities and threats in the shape of new markets, broader capabilities, technologies and competitive behaviours.

Paudie Somers, Altrad’s CEO for the UK, Ireland & Nordics said “Our markets are changing faster than at any time in our lifetime, driven by growing concern over climate change, the energy transition and rapidly advancing digital technology. So, it will come as no surprise to hear that our growth driven agenda requires us to continually evolve, as our markets and sectors change – but of course, delivering transformational growth requires courage and ingenuity – characteristics that typify Altrad and its people”.

In 2026, Altrad aspire to become a business of scale – aiming to be 75% larger than they are today. Their journey is to become more diversified in terms of the services they provide and the markets they serve, providing enhanced value to their clients and enriched growth opportunities for their people.

Altrad intends to acquire businesses and form new strategic partnerships with likeminded companies that share their excitement, vision and values – adding new capabilities and services to their offering – providing a more compelling service for their clients.

In addition, Altrad have also committed to a range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental performance targets – which includes becoming carbon neutral by 2030 or sooner.

“Unlike many of our peers, who work tirelessly on their strategies, and then keep them locked away – we have adopted a very different approach. Our approach is bold – so our strategy is publicly available to everyone via our web site at Our Approach | Altrad Services UK & Ireland. We’re committed to delivering our growth driven agenda and moving our strategy from ‘excitement into execution’ such that our strategy is a feature of daily life and everyone, including our competitors, can see and measure our progress” added Peter Hughes, Altrad’s Director of Business Development and Strategy.

“It’s fair to say we have set out a bold growth strategy, which will see us growing to be 75% larger than we are today by 2026, but it will be our impact on the environment, sustainability and the communities within which we work, that will be our true legacy” added Hughes.

So at Altrad, it transpires the ‘better tomorrow’ has started today.

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Quite simply, a journey at Altrad begins with a desire to create a better tomorrow.

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