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To allow everybody to appreciate the tremendous talent at Altrad, we’ve decided to make our internal podcasts available to everyone, these can now be accessed via our website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and SoundCloud – after all, it’s our ideas and therefore our people, that make Altrad the smartest choice.

Our podcast, “Altrad Uncovered”, allows the listener to hear perspectives from every level in the Altrad business, from the boardroom to our site operations.

In our latest episode, we are joined by our Shipping Coordinator from our Great Yarmouth operation.

During her chat with Pete Hughes; Sue Elderfield, will be sharing insights into her career and what it’s been like to work for Altrad over the past nine years. Sue also shares her suggestions on what Altrad could do to become even more successful.

Please click “play” below to get started… you won’t be disappointed!

Happy listening . . .

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Quite simply, a journey at Altrad begins with a desire to create a better tomorrow.

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