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Altrad Design Engineer Gary Dickie is the latest recipient of the Good Better How award.

Over the last decade Altrad Motherwell Bridge have pioneered the use of articulated jacks for storage tank erection, reducing both construction time and working at height. However, traditional jacking equipment requires the welding of brackets to the tank for each lift – a process which can take up to three days.

In order to improve our efficiency, Gary Dickie and our engineering department used their ingenuity to develop a new jacking methodology using a ‘hook’ type system which removes the necessity for welding.

The adoption of the new ‘hook’ type system offers considerable benefit. With welding no longer necessary or the removal of jacking equipment from the shell, there is no requirement for non-destructive testing (NDT) or the subsequent repair.

This innovative approach has resulted in a three-day reduction in the programme and a reduction in the cost of the project for our client.

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