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Excellence Delivered

What is Excellence Delivered?

Excellence Delivered encompasses all that we do and is depicted by our character and the acronym ED. Watch this short video to see what it’s all about:

At its core, ED is about striving to get better in everything we do whether that be in the way we deliver a product or service to our customers through to the way we operate our business.

It is our firmly held belief that ED sits at the heart of everything we do and by adopting the simple mantra of looking to be better tomorrow than we were today we will have a business that inspires excellence, is simple in how it transacts and ultimately enables us to win as a collective.

Why ED?

We operate in an increasingly competitive market place, customers are under ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs and are looking at innovative partners to help them realise this, a number of our traditional sectors are declining, and emerging sectors require a change in mindset. Our industry no longer competes on just HSE and price with customers looking for partners that can bring about the required changes to enable them to continue to operate and increase overall productivity and efficiency.

What’s Next?

Today marks the start of a campaign to bring together and a number of the projects currently underway under a consistent banner to enable us to deliver excellence.

There’s lots to do on our journey to deliver excellence. In this site you’ll find out about:

• Continuous Improvement Boards
• Digitalisation
• Beyond Zero
• Golden Rules
• GM Performance