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Continuous Improvement Boards

Excellence Delivered is a strand of our DNA and consists of behaviours, tools and practices to help us make incremental improvements each and every day.

We want to Inspire our People, Simplify what we do, so we focus on being the best we can to Win. The concept for the adoption of Continuous Improvement Boards was a result of various members of our teams across the UK visiting an external facility which shows the benefits of lean techniques, standardisation and visual management.

The philosophy has been adopted to great success within our Thermal and Nuclear sectors and we now want to launch the concept across our UK operations both sites and offices.

The Purpose of the Board

The board is intended to create a focal area for visibly recording and tracking improvement actions, sharing news from within the business and pertinent information for that particular location.

At its heart, the aim of the board is to generate discussion around continuous improvement topics related to all aspects of our business.

The board creates a focal point for a team discussion on a daily or weekly basis and should provide an update on the actions from the Inspire, Simplify and Win tracker.

Who Can Use the Board?

The board is intended to be used by everyone. You may want to appoint a series of ED Champions to assist in running the boards and to help build the initial momentum, take ownership for general housekeeping / updating the boards and monitoring the completion of actions.
Ideally it should be centrally positioned at each location, next to our Storyboard.

How Do I Use the Board?

We have developed a simple user guide to support the rollout.

The board is made up of 5 sections:
• A t-card section designed to identify and track the completion of Continuous Improvement actions
• Flesh out process from identification to close out – graphically show cards moving across the board
• An area to display company wide and local communications
• A space for operational messages relevant to you
• Somewhere to put Good Spots / HAZOBS etc.
• Finally a section to promote what has been achieved and to capture the mood of the previous week, good, bad, indifferent

You can access the full user guide below for more details on how to use the CI Board.

Like any tool, it is only as effective as the people using it. With proper adoption the boards should provide another step to the realisation of our strategy to Inspire, Simplify and Win.