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Our people are wholly authentic, and we celebrate their contributions both in work and out.

It been just two years since Emma Herbert-Okey joined our business as an Offshore Expeditor and whilst Emma has made an incredibly positive impact at work, she’s certainly made a splash outside work.

At the weekend – Emma provides scuba diving training for people of all ages, offering fully inclusive training making it accessible for those with physical disabilities.

It’s been quite a journey; which started back in 2015, when Emma commenced learning to scuba dive becoming a PADI certified open-water diver. Excited by her new hobby, Emma wanted to improve – and with the help of her dad, a fellow scuba diver, he ensured she perfected her skills – admitting he had been stricter on Emma than any of his previous students!

Emma quickly progressed, becoming a rescue scuba diver by the end of 2016. But it didn’t end there, and in the middle of 2017, Emma entered the professional ranks as a dive-master. At the end of 2018, Emma became a master scuba diving trainer – allowing her to train multiple specialities including; deep diving, wreck diving, emergency first response and people with disabilities.

Since then, Emma has trained over 100 people of varying ages, from eight up to eighty. Emma has helped many people improve their mental health including those suffering from PTSD and has provided the experience of freedom of scuba diving to those confined to wheelchairs.

In Emma’s own words,

the experience provides people with a treasured escape from the outside world, a time to reset.

Emma – we are so proud of the way you are using your vocation to enrich the lives of others.

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Quite simply, a journey at Altrad begins with a desire to create a better tomorrow.

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