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For over 50 years Altrad have been providing cleaning and decontamination services, both onshore and offshore for clients around the globe.

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Altrad’s environmental services business is now among the largest specialist cleaning organisations in the UK, with a diverse range of services, which enables us to focus on providing the right solution for every complex cleaning challenge.

Our team of over 600 skilled technicians have a reputation for their ingenuity – pioneering new technological solutions, that support our clients complex assets.

Our focus on cleaning is driven by automated techniques, which allow us to remove our operators from high risk activities, ensuring safety and quality at a reduced cost.

So, whatever challenges you face, Altrad’s approach always starts with a conversation about your desired outcomes, supported by our desire to create a better tomorrow.


  • High pressure (HP) & ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting
  • High airflow & traditional vacuum trucks
  • Chemical cleaning and decontamination
  • Drain cleaning and HD CCTV surveys
  • Cold cutting
  • Total vessel management (TVM)
  • Fully automated tank cleaning
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Production separators – online sand removal
  • Production separators – accelerated venting and offline cleaning
  • Internal caisson cleaning and UT NDT inspection
  • Contaminated material separation (NORM / LSA)
  • Thermography (scale depth appraisal)
  • Surface preparation (controlled induction heating)

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Quite simply, a journey at Altrad begins with a desire to create a better tomorrow.

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Engage with us

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