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We are the critical human infrastructure that enhances the lives of millions, by the value-added support we provide to our nation’s vital assets – and that’s easy for us to say, but our client’s say it too.

Here is just a small sample of our most recent client feedback:

“This most recent project has not been an easy piece of work to execute. I truly appreciate the hard work, dedication and most importantly, safety focused execution of this task shown by Altrad. A big thank you to the full team involved, this has been a significant undertaking as it developed into a major repair.”

“Altrad have been consistent in delivering support, allowing us to deliver many projects. A lot of the projects have been nuclear significant and long-standing defects which have now been resolved. All the projects would not have been delivered if it wasn’t for Altrad going above and beyond of what is expected.”

“Altrad displayed a positive and helpful attitude while providing assistance when moving lifesaving appliances (Donut units, life jackets, sea survival suits) to a new storage location.
Altrad personnel were observed working quickly, safely and efficiently to disassemble a stairway access to an Erda bridge.”


“The services that I have received from Altrad for the recent repair work has been fantastic. The access system was erected quickly and has been modified at short notice on multiple occasions throughout the life of the project to suit the demands of Dow. Altrad’s support has also included unloading deliveries and helping to move small items of equipment around for the concrete repair company, i.e. activities outside their normal remit. In summary the on-site personnel have shown excellent flexibility in supporting this activity and allowing it to keep moving forward. Thank you.”

Feedback like this means the world to Altrad and our people – it propels our desire to create a better tomorrow.

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Quite simply, a journey at Altrad begins with a desire to create a better tomorrow.

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