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At Altrad, we are the leading provider of support services. We enhance the lives of millions by supporting some of our nation’s most vital assets.

We use our ingenuity to get ahead, solving the nation’s infrastructure challenges through innovation, creativity and teamwork.

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We work across a diverse range of industry sectors – providing value to our clients at every stage of the asset life cycle.

What we do is not easy – we work in some of the most challenging and hazardous environments, supporting our nation’s vital assets, to deliver the critical services upon which our modern, daily lives rely.

Despite the challenges, we have an enviable reputation as being the leading provider of support services – working for some of the worlds most respected companies, deploying our 7,250 talented people across a range of market sectors:

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As a global population we strive to find new ways of enhancing the food chain, agrochemicals forms a key part of supporting this critical human infrastructure challenge.

Altrad provides projects and integrated maintenance services to a number of global brands in this sector including Syngenta and CF Fertilisers.

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Chemical and petrochemical


We use our ingenuity to create new ways of working that support our clients to improve their production and lower their operational costs.

Our experience in this market spans decades and the knowledge we have gained, allows us to create value at every point of the asset life cycle. From operational know-how, to creating bespoke, performance-driven contracts, which align our objectives with those of our clients.

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Across the Crown Estates footprint Altrad work to provide services in support of the nation’s critical defence assets.

Our delivery capability extends from the UK to other overseas British territories, wherein we are entrusted to provide solutions to sensitive facilities. From providing services in support of the Queen Elizabeth class aircrafts carriers to supporting our armed forces and their facilities in the South Atlantic – We work diligently, securely and within critical contract parameters.

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Food and beverage


The food, beverage and consumable products industry continues to flourish as producers consolidate and adapt products to today’s consumer preferences.

Compliance with FDA and other government regulations make it incumbent on manufacturers to work with the most competent and knowledgeable partners – that’s Altrad.

Our reputation has been built on providing predictable outcomes based on defined execution methods. We understand the stakes associated with food and beverage projects, and the need to engage an experienced company with flexible yet well-defined project management procedures and systems.

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Every day Altrad’s ingenuity is at work across the entire nuclear landscape.

From nuclear new build, throughout the UK nuclear generation fleet, to nuclear fuel production, reprocessing and enrichment.

Altrad provides decommissioning support across most of the nuclear decommissioning authorities’ (NDA) estate, including Sellafield.

Our history is rich and varied, and on any one day, we have over 1,000 talented people working within the nuclear industry, whether that be for EDF, Sellafield Limited, Magnox Limited, Springfields, AWE or Urenco – Altrad’s experience is on hand to support.

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Oil and gas


Our reputation within the oil & gas industry is unparalleled. We have been active in this sector for more than 45 years, supporting major operators, independents, new entrants and nationals. We understand all the key upstream asset types, both on- and offshore, and supply manpower and expertise across the UK.

We have supported some of the largest structures and hundreds of unmanned assets. We have extended our support from upstream to mid- and downstream assets, helping our clients get the most from their investments at every stage of the product pipeline.

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Altrad operates across the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, where the ability to combine attention to detail and compliance with rigorous performance, safety and quality standards is paramount. We deliver a range of support services to the sector - extending into the provision of manufacturing operatives.

We have extensive experience in the life sciences sector, including supporting projects for global pharmaceutical manufacturers where the ability to deliver a range of services through one project management team is the key to adding value in a high-quality, high-precision and extremely competitive market.

Altrad supports a vast array of clients, including AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Eli Lilly and others.

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Steel, cement, fertilisers and other heavy industrial


Our ability to manage safety and quality in hazardous environments comes into its own in these energy intensive sectors. Regardless of the environment, we believe that we can move beyond a culture of zero accidents and incidents whilst also achieving excellence in everything we do.

These diverse, energy intensive sectors challenge our thinking, but of course, and regardless of the task, the ingenuity of people responds to find a better, safer and more effective way.

Every day, we deploy hundreds of our people to support clients such as Tata, CF Fertilisers, Hanson and others - providing them with the critical support services they need to keep their assets manufacturing.

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Altrad took over a militant and underperforming workforce which had a safety culture way from what was desired. Despite this challenge, we now have one of the best, leading-edge safety performances, I have ever experienced in the sector.

- Rob Morgan, Maintenance Manager

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Our clients have complex assets situated in some of the most challenging environments, from offshore oil and gas installations exposed to weather extremes to onshore petrochemical plants and nuclear facilities – Altrad support these assets 24 hours a day, every day.

Our highly skilled teams provide a range of solutions, either individually or as part of a multi-skilled offering, to ensure the integrity of our client’s assets.

All services

All services
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Safety is everything at Altrad.

We have a relentless commitment to safety, it’s deep rooted in our culture and it underpins everything we do.

Our proactive approach means we are constantly reviewing, analysing and testing our procedures, to ensure we maintain our industry-leading position.

Our health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) team collaborate with our clients to ensure our processes and procedures are complimentary, ensuring we operate safely and efficiently at all times.

At Altrad we focus on the proactive, looking at what we can change and adapt to ensure we never have to react.

Our ‘golden rules’ keep us safe, and they are embedded across Altrad, driving the commitment from our people to make safety our number one priority.

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At Altrad we focus on the proactive, looking at what we can change and adapt to ensure we never have to react”

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Our industry is changing faster than at any time in our lifetime, driven in part by innovative technological advances.

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We use our digital tools and capabilities to enhance our performance, and in so doing, we create extraordinary outcomes for our clients.”

The possibilities are endless.

Our digital transformation sits at the heart of our strategy, as we embrace the opportunities it offers us to simplify and improve what we do.

We use our digital tools and capabilities to enhance our performance, and in so doing, we create extraordinary outcomes for our clients.

We explore how new and emerging technologies can help solve our client’s greatest challenges, through research, development and education. By combining this approach with Altrad’s decades of problem-solving ingenuity, we create the solutions of tomorrow – today.

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How we do it

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Case Studies

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Our highly skilled teams provide a range of solutions, either individually or as part of a multi-skilled offering, to ensure the integrity of our client’s assets.

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